ABC science news: Broccoli….coffee?

This week on ABC Radio Melbourne 774 Jacinta, Sami and I discussed a world where broccoli lattes are a thing. Listen from 1:04:04 here.

Believe it or not this unsettling invention has come out of Australia’s leading research agency, CSIRO. While the broccoli latte itself may not become a hit outside the boundaries of Melbourne’s hipster coffee bubble, the concept behind it could.

Here’s the gist. Vegetables that are deemed too ‘ugly’ to sell in supermarkets (learn more about this) typically go to landfill. In broccoli crops this generally equates to about 15% - 20% of a harvest. In this new idea, these ugly veggies are saved from the scrap heap, dried out, and ground into a powder. The resulting powder can be used in smoothies, soups, baked goods and if your tastebuds desire, coffee.

Aside from reducing waste and giving farmers a way to diversify their yield, another benefit of this powder could be helping Aussies get in their five servings of vegetables a day. About two-thirds of adults aren’t currently meeting this recommended daily intake. With just two tablespoons of powder equalling one serve of broccoli, this goal could be more within reach for Aussie vegephobes.

Yes, the thought of powdered food might seem like it belongs in a futuristic Jetsons-like world (if not reminiscent of Deb mash and cheese mix from the 70's). But, if it comes down to a plate full of broccoli or replacing those nasty little tree-like bites with a tasty, nutrient rich powder, I’m in.